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Corona Tire Shop Coupons Save $$ Wide Selection Of Custom Tires And Wheels

CTW Corona Tires and Wheels takes pride in offering a large selection of tires and wheels for just about any make and model vehicle. Our tire specialist will work with you to find the perfect wheels and tires that are the perfect fit to compliment your car, truck, or SUV. CTW in Corona, California is THE place for tires and wheels.

For the Best in Maintenance and Repair for Your Vehicle, Call CTW Corona Tires and Wheels

Wheel Materials

Alloy Wheels

These wheels give improved performance and lightweight, increasing cornering, steering precision, and decreasing road feedback for better braking.

Steel Wheels

Heavier wheels that provide a low center for gravity for your vehicle. These are ideal of harsh road conditions such as snow and off-road terrain. Heavier wheels lack the performance increase provided by light, alloy wheels; but gives you versatility for challenging road conditions.

Chrome Wheels

Chrome finish wheels are pleasing to the eye and can be applied to both alloy and steel wheels. While combining aesthetic with durability, chrome wheels require regular attention to maintain its visual appeal.