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Wide Selection of Custom Tires and Wheels

CTW Corona Tires and Wheels takes pride in offering a large selection of tires and wheels for just about any make and model vehicle. Our tire specialist will work with you to find the perfect wheels and tires that are the perfect fit to compliment your car, truck, or SUV. CTW in Corona, California is THE place for tires and wheels.

Jeep Tires and Wheels Riverside

New & Used Tires

We have access to a wide variety of tires that can help get you on the road quick. We ensure that our used tires are of high quality and our new tires are of the best quality from brands that you know and trust. We consider tire type, width, wheel diameter and other traits when choosing the right tire for your vehicle. Trust the wheel experts at CTW Corona Tires and Wheels.

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Wheel Buying Guide

Before you begin looking around for new wheels for your vehicle, there are many materials, processes, and characteristics to consider. We are here to help you find the best wheel to suit your lifestyle.

Manufacturing Process

Cast Wheels

Through the process of gravity or pressure casting, aluminum wheels are formed by pouring molten aluminum into a mold.

Machined Wheels

The process of manufacturing machined wheels are a combination of casting, heating, spinning, and precise pressurization filling a mold with molten aluminum similar to the cast wheel but more precise.

Forged Wheels

High heat and extreme pressure allows a solid piece of aluminum to be forged into the wheel shape resulting in a strong, light, but dense wheel.

Wheel Characteristics


The weight of a vehicle can vastly impact its performance. Heavier vehicles tend to have better braking capability, but reduces handling and maneuverability.


Performance can vary depending upon the vehicle, wheel combination. Always consider the maximum wheel size when looking to increase the size of your wheels and tires.


The choice of wheel and tire all depends on the type of terrain your vehicle will experience. Where will your journeys take you? Something to be considered when purchasing new wheels and tires.

For the Best in Maintenance and Repair for Your Vehicle, Call CTW Corona Tires and Wheels